My Sister’s Not Like Other Sisters is a Great Interactive Book For Siblings

This book, from Nabee Productions, features Maggie, a little sister who continually gets on her older sister’s nerves because she doesn’t help tidy up the toys, she steals her sister’s bike, and scribbles all over her sister’s drawings. But, even though she’s irritating, Maggie is brave, loving, and compassionate.

My Sister’s Not Like Other Sisters is a sweet, heartfelt book about the bond between siblings, even when they don’t quite get along.

There’s two modes to the book: read it to me, which is an automatic narration, and read it to myself, which allows children or parents to narrate the story on their own. In the narrated version, the text is clearly spoken and properly pronounced, with each word highlighted so young readers can follow along.

Any word can be tapped on for a re-pronunciation, and several objects on each page can be tapped to display animations or interactive scenes. For example, tapping Maggie might make her bounce on the trampoline, while dragging the toys in the toy box scene puts them away into the toy chest.

The story, though a bit short, is straightforward and sweet, explaining that though siblings can sometimes be a pain to deal with, they are also loving, supportive, and often our best friends.


What I liked: The illustrations and the activities are sure to delight children, especially the interactive drawing activity that comes complete with an image gallery, stamps, and different colored crayons.

What I didn’t like: The book is simplistic and quite short, and while it does have interactions, they’re limited to inside the story. I’d like to see an additional drawing feature that’s accessible outside of the book.

To buy or not to buy: This book is beautifully illustrated and has plenty of fun interactions that are perfect for older siblings who might be feeling frustrated by their younger brothers or sisters. My Sister’s Not Like Other Sisters is a book that children will want to revisit time and time again.

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