Brazilian Foxconn Factory to be Located on Steve Jobs Avenue

After a half-year battle between Brazil’s tax laws and Foxconn’s need for low-cost manufacturing, the iPad assembler was finally given the green light to begin production of Apple tablets in January of this year.

While we all knew the factory was located in Jundiai in Brazil, we didn’t know it’s exact location, until now.

Foxconn’s Brazilian factory happens to reside on Avenida Steve Jobs, translation: Steve Jobs Avenue.

Only one day after Apple’s CEO’s unfortunate death, Brazilian government officials presented a bill to change the name of the street that the iPad manufacturer calls home to Steve Jobs Avenue. The street used to be named after Miguel Noubadda Haddad, a former Jundiai mayor. The street connects the city to San Paulo.

According to Forbes, this homage is unusual considering Brazilians pay an average of 28 percent more for Apple products than any other country in the world. Forbes’ Kenneth Rapoza was quoted as saying:

“Brazil’s first place finish is due to its high tax load and import tariffs. When Apple goods are imported, the importer is charged a transaction tax known as ICMS, then social security taxes of around 9%, plus industrial production taxes, and on top of that, import duties. Then there is the famous logistic bottlenecks of shipping iPads and iPhones from the South and south-eastern ports to the cities a few hours away, at least, by truck.”

Forbes pointed out that this situation could change since Foxconn Brazil is expected to reduce product costs and turn Brazil into “a hotspot for exports in Latin America of the Brazilian made Apple devices.”

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