Spiderweb Software Returns With Another Fantastic RPG, Avernum: Escape From The Pit HD

Fans of role-playing adventure games are in for a treat. Spiderweb Software is back with their sophomore release, Avernum: Escape From The Pit HD. Those that have played Avadon: The Black Fortress HD will be familiar with the excellent adventure that awaits them. Grab your traveler sack and Longsword, because you’ll be trapped in this fantasy game for a while.

The game starts off by letting players choose their party. There are four party members. The default characters are a soldier, rebel, priest and sorcerer. Players can change each character’s class to berserker, rogue, archer, hedge wizard or shaman as well. There is even a custom class creator that lets you create an adventurer specific to your playing style.

Once the characters are created, the story begins. Players start off in the underground caverns, which act as the tutorial section of the game. Here, you will learn about movement, picking up items and battling. All four party members move at the same time. The leader of the party can be switched by tapping a character’s profile.

Players pick up quests from non-player characters throughout the game. Completing quests will increase experience points and help level the characters. Plus, quests keep players on the right track to completing the game.


During battles, players can access the character’s special abilities to cast spells, heal and trigger special moves. The action takes place in a turn-based routine. Whomever has the highest Initiative goes first. Once the enemy is thwarted, players can loot what gets left behind from the battle.

This game is well designed with an epic storyline. It is complex and challenging. What a player chooses to do will affect how the game progresses. For example, once in a city, characters can steal from townsfolk. However, if you get caught, they will attack. A bit of advice: don’t steal more than one item at a time and don’t steal from mages. You can’t win those fights.

Fans of role-playing games (RPG) will absolutely love this game. It is engaging and deep. The playing style is smooth and intricate. It is a perfect game for beginners, or those looking for a casual adventure, but can easily be made more challenging by changing the difficulty level. Keep in mind that this is an RPG, not a shoot-em-up game. There is a lot of walking and talking, even though there are plenty of battles to keep things exciting.


What I liked: The story-rich gameplay is the best part of this game. There are plenty of choices to make, battles to win and adventurers to meet. Just like their previous release, Spiderweb Software offers more information at their website. However, there is a well-written in-game help guide if you ever get stuck.

What I didn’t like: The price. Currently, this game is available for Mac and PC as well as the iPad. The desktop version costs less than the iPad version. I think Avernum: Escape From The Pit HD is worth $10, but if you can get it on the desktop for $6, why not make the mobile version the same price?

To buy or not to buy: If you like RPGs, this is the game for you. You will not be disappointed in the premium price, even if it is cheaper on the desktop.


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