iPad Dominates Mobile Shopping

If you regularly browse online stores and make purchases from your iPad, you’re not alone. According to RichRelevance’s Shopping Insights Mobile Study, the iPad drives nearly all shopping, browsing, and purchasing in the mobile channel.

Mobile shopping revenue share (of total retail revenue) has increased from 1.9 percent in April of 2011 to 4.6 percent in March of 2012, thanks to the iPad, which accounts for 90 percent of all mobile revenue.

iPad users account for 68 percent of mobile shoppers, and those who shop on their iPads spend a greater amount of time and money than people who shop with other mobile devices. iPad conversion rates are at 1.5 percent compared to .057 percent for other devices, and people visit nearly six pages per session, which is quite a bit higher than the 3.6 for iPhones and 4.1 for other mobile devices.

People who shop on their iPad tend to spend a lot of money, dropping an average of $158 per order, compared to $105 for other mobile devices. This is even higher than the average order of people using desktop computers, which is approximately $153 an order. iPad shoppers aren’t spending that money on several items, either. Orders tend to be smaller, with an average of $52.66 per item vs. $21.86 per item for desktop users and $23.80 for other mobile users.

iPad users also appear to do most of their shopping on the weekends. The iPad’s share of shopping sessions increases from 5 percent during the week to 7 percent during the weekend, and most do their shopping during the evening hours of 5 to 9 p.m., while other mobile users tend to shop the same amount during the weekend and the weekday.

Do you do your online shopping on your iPad or your desktop? Is shopping reserved for weekends? Are you surprised that iPad users seem to spend so much more? Let us know in the comments.

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