Adidas miCoach Team Tracking System Available in July

MLSAdidas stepped up their game with the addition of miCoach products to their lineup, adding an outsole sensors to your foot-gear much like Nike+ such that you can track on-off pacing, average speed, distance, and additional information related to stride.

Now Adidas has taken it an exciting step forward with a team-based solution that will get a full test drive at this year’s Major League Soccer All Star game that is scheduled to be held in Philadelphia on July 25th.

Using this new system, shoe-fitted sensors will transmit data from all of the players to the associated app (available for both iOS and Android-based systems) giving coaches the opportunity to perform real-time analysis on individual metrics especially as they pertain to overall team performance.

These kinds of details will give coaching staff the ability to better choose formations to play or know which players need to be pulled for a rest. It will also let teams compile more specific statistics on individual players so they know who is playing at peak levels and who may be ready for retirement.

For players, it will serve as a fantastic motivational tool and training aid as they learn exactly how their stride or pace may be impacting their game –giving real coaching in ways that weren’t previously available.

At a time when technology is receiving a lot of criticism for turning more and more of us couch-bound and lazy we are starting to see applications for mobile devices that actually help to make us more active and entirely more competitive in healthy ways.

Consider the potential health benefits of being able to track individual players with increasing real-time statistics. If coaching staff can more accurately monitor details like heart rates and abnormal on-field behavior they could potentially ward off injuries or dangerously high heart rates or maybe even measure impact strengths felt from contact sports.

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