Padzilla ‘Too’ interactive Case

If you’ve ever wanted to play your iPad on a giant movie-style screen, Crunchy Logistics just might have a device for you. The company’s Padzilla Too video display incorporates both an Apple iPad and a Microsoft Kinect, and it runs on a screen that is 24 feet wide and 12 feet tall.

Just what do you do with a screen that large? You play Fruit Ninja, of course.

This video, which features the world’s largest reproduction of an iPad, demonstrates an interactive, hands-free version of Fruit Ninja that uses Kinect gestures, which looks like it’s a blast to play (see video below).

The giant iPad display was built using 3.5mm LED wall matrix display technology, which comes equipped with Retina pixel density, just like Apple’s smaller, hand-held tablet. This multi-gesture system has been designed to allow users to interact with the iPad on a large scale, which has potential for business presentation and entertainment purposes.

There is no word on pricing, but this is unlikely to be something you’ll be able to install in the living room. Padzilla’s original 6.8-foot Padzilla display currently sells for $41,000, so at more than double the size, the Padzilla too will run more than double the price. Still, it’s fun to watch a giant game of Fruit Ninja. Will Angry Birds be next?

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