New iPads Already 10 Percent of Total iPad Population

It only took a weekend for Apple to sell more than three million of its new Retina-equipped iPads, and now, after just three weeks on the market, Apple’s iPad is responsible for nearly 10 percent of the total Pad web traffic on the internet.

According to analytics analysis firm Chitika, third generation iPads have spiked in usage over the last few weeks, and the iPad’s internet traffic has doubled since its March 16th release weekend.

When just three million iPads were out in the wild, Apple’s newest tablet was responsible for approximately five percent of all iPad traffic, so a 10 percent web presence suggests that Apple has sold another three million iPads since the first weekend, or a million iPads a week. Chitika’s results have shown a steady usage growth after the initial sale.

The new iPad is most popular in its home state of California, where 12 percent of total iPad traffic comes from the third generation tablet. It’s also popular in Hawaii, Wisconsin, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, where numbers range over 10 percent. The iPad is least popular in Arkansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee, where the numbers are under 7 percent.

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