Height Adjustable iPad Stand Lets You Easily Tackle Hands Free Tasks

If you like to use your iPad to watch TV in the bathtub, or display cooking recipes in the kitchen, you may be interested in the new Z3 iPad stand from RATstands, which sturdily supports your iPad at several different angles, making it perfect for a range of tasks.

The Z3 stand is fully adjustable height-wise, from 16-inches to 54-inches, so essentially, it’s like an extra pair of hands holding your iPad exactly where you need it.

With swivel support, the Z3 is able to turn 360 degrees, and with a special tilt mechanism, it can be viewed from any position. The Z3 folds up in just three simple steps, so it’s ultra portable, light, and can be stored away in a companion bag.

Worried about the safety of your iPad at taller heights? Don’t worry, the Z3 is constructed from sturdy die cast aluminum legs with a tough-scratch proof coating. Its anodized aluminum telescopic stem is also super strong, so your iPad will remain safe. The stand is also elegant enough to fit right in at the office, but also versatile enough to use at home.

It’s the perfect choice for musicians, parents, chefs, movie lovers, educators, and presenters. You can get your own Z3 stand for $199, and the additional carrying bag for just $24. For more information on the Z3 or to order, visit the RATstand website.

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