Apple’s Market Cap at $600 Billion – Will it Ever Get to 1 Trillion?

Apple Stock

With another 1% upward move, Apple stock hit a market capitalization of $600 billion just shy of 6 weeks after hitting the $500 billion milestone.

With this upward momentum, some analysts are starting to wonder if Apple really could hit the $1,000 per share / $1 trillion market cap that is being predicted for sometime over the next year. They certainly seem poised to make it, but does the current product offering have strong enough legs to take them there? Are they banking on the continued success of the current iPad and iPhone line-up?

There is certainly a lot of global consumer interest in Apple’s latest models of its flagship mobile devices, but stock values are being bolstered by other news as well. Investor interest has been raised with the recent announcement of Apple’s intentions to initiate a dividend and share repurchase program starting later this year plus the usual anticipation over potential new products.

Most consumers and investors alike are waiting on the edg of their seats to see what television-related product Apple has waiting in the wings, with the expectations all quite high that it will be equal parts amazing and marketable.

The other big announcement we are all hoping for this year is the release of the iPhone 5, the next generation of Apple’s smartphone that could very well take the world by storm –particularly if it features any kind of form factor change which was the most asked for (and not received) change in the last upgrade to the iPhone 4S.

No matter what, one goal seems quite attainable. In just a few billion dollars more, Apple will have overtaken their rival Microsoft who currently holds the record at a market cap of $604 billion attained in December of 1999. To be fair, adjusting for inflation that would be the modern-day equivalent of about $800 billion, so Apple has a little ways yet to go before they can truly light the candles on the cake and start the celebration.

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