Panasonic Enters Mobile Accessory Arena With External Battery Pack

Electronics giant Panasonic has decided to try its luck in the mobile device accessory market with the release of an all new external battery pack.

Its QE-QL301 is designed to share 10,260mAh of power with two USB devices at once. This means you can charge an iPad or an iPhone at the same time, or even two iPads, since it comes equipped with four times the power of a standard smartphone.

Panasonic plans to release a total of seven of these thin, sleek-looking battery packs, each with different features.

Here’s a rundown:

  • QL101 – 2,700mAh
  • QL102 – 1,430mAh, with two USB ports
  • QV201 – 1,900mAh, USB charger
  • PL102 – 2,700mAh, wireless
  • PL202 – 5,400mAh, wireless
  • PL301 – 8,100mAh, wireless

The battery packs will be released in Japan on May 28th, and its unknown if and when they will appear in the United States, though since they are universal, it’s a likely possibility.

[via Electronista]

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