New Japanese Case Transforms Your iPad 2 into a Mini Macbook Pro

In the Apple Store, a Macbook Pro will run you at least $1199, but for the cost of an iPad 2 plus approximately $75, you can have your very own netbook sized Macbook Pro. Of course, it won’t have the power of a laptop, but it will make your iPad far more functional.

This powerhouse of a case features a built-in battery that charges your iPad while it is in the case, plus a USB port, a mini USB port, and Bluetooth to sync your iPad to the keyboard.

The “NoteBook Case” is one slick-looking enclosure for your iPad, and it even features the much-loved chiclet keys from Apple’s line of Macbook Airs and Macbook Pros.

This case is currently only available through Japanese retailer Rakuten, priced at 5,980 yen, but Rakuten has a sister site, for U.S. buyers, and the case may make its way there.

Unfortunately, the case is only designed for the iPad 2, so us iPad 3 owners are out of luck. While it may fit because of the small size difference, I’m not sure I would take the chance since most snap-in iPad 2 cases do not fit the new iPad. For you iPad 2 owners, though, this is a great looking, functional case.

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