Apple Reaches 10% iPad and iPhone Penetration in Big Chinese Cities

A few weeks ago, Flurry Analytics published a study on China’s adoption of iOS and Android applications and discovered that by the end of 2011, the country ranked number two in application sessions behind the United States. Flurry calculated that China overtook the US in device activations by three percent this past March. Stenvall Skold & Company recently expanded on that study and calculated the iOS penetration rate, not including the iPod touch, in all Chinese provinces and municipalities.

Their analysis concluded that iOS devices are used by as much as 13.4 percent of the country’s population.

According to Flurry, only a year ago, China was low in ranks for adopters of mobile devices. They ranked tenth overall with eight percent of the world’s total iOS and Android activations while the U.S. dominated with 28 percent. Only 15 months later and China has steadily grown to become the fastest growing smart device market.

Stenvall Skold & Company used data from Chinese mobile research firm Umeng, along with their own data, and found that the total number of iPhones and iPads in China at the end of 2011 reached 21 million active devices. Interestingly, Guangdong province had the highest percentage of iOS devices with 13.4 percent, followed by Beijing with 10.4 and Shanghai with 10.3 percent.


Stenvall Skold & Company also found that approximately one in 11 people in Beijing and one in nine people in Shanghai have an active iOS device. The divide between cities and rural areas is enormous. Even in Guangdong, the province with the highest percentage of iPhones and iPads only has two to four percent of the population owning a device.

Although China is fast becoming the dominant market in mobile device adoption, the areas where the activations are taking place are minimal, showing that it is not the average Chinese person that is buying up this technology, but only those in more affluent areas of the country.

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