Apple Edges a Bit Closer to Complete Cloud Access to iTunes Movies

Apple TVSoon after Apple announced the launch of the third-generation of its “hobby” gadget, Apple TV, it was discovered that movie studios like Fox and Universal would not be available through the company’s iCloud service. The two studios were not included in Apple’s lists of movies that could be purchased on a computer and then retrieved from another mobile device like the iPad or iPhone, or even downloaded to Apple TV.

Because of contractual arrangements, HBO has preexisting deals with studios that give them exclusivity windows. Today, iPodNN reported that HBO has negotiated a deal with movie studio Universal to make their movies available in the cloud.

In early March, HBO spokesman Jeff Cusson said, “With every technology enhancement, we have always been able to find common ground with our studio partners, and we’re sure that will be the result here.” It looks like the cable giant is keeping its word.

Fox has not yet joined the cloud, but it is likely that a negotiation is in the works and movie studio will be offering its titles very soon. Currently, any Fox movie that is purchased on iTunes includes a disclaimer that it cannot be downloaded through iCloud.

[via iPodNN]

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