Does the New iPad Have Issues with 3G?

Apple’s support forums are currently filled with complaints from consumers concerned with the 3G of the new iPad. Apparently, many users are having trouble connecting to 3G networks, even when the iPad displaya a strong connection signal.

Most of the complaints stem from Europe, Australia, and Asia, with just a few comments from users in the United States, which makes sense if most users in North America are connecting to 4G networks instead of 3G.

Here are a few of the complaints:

Guitartabman: “When I take my iPad 3 out of my house, I have to reboot it to get a 3G connection. The 3g icon shows that it is connected but when I try and access any connection it says no internet connection. My iPad 1 seemed to work ok. I’ve also tried putting it in AirPlane mode and back again but this has no effect.”

Reestr: “I also get this problem with my iPad 3, with my iPad 2, I would get a 3G signal, albeit quite weak. Now, with my iPad 3 it shows 3G however it says no internet connection. My iPhone 4S sat right next to the iPad on the same 3G carrier works fine.

Tartan_guru: “My iPad 3 shows full bars and a 3G logo but then refuses to load anything. I have erased the unit back to factory settings and I am getting the same issue. The same sim also worked fine in my iPad 2 so I don’t believe it’s a carrier issue.”

There have been numerous reports from people all over the world, including Austria, Singapore, Germany, Russia, Norway, and the UK, among others.

According to users, the best way to fix the problem is to restart your device, or to remove and re-insert the SIM card, which forces the iPad to re-establish a connection.

Have you noticed any issues with 3G connectivity? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Torrey Mitchell

    I had precisely this problem when I received my iPad3.  Replacing the SIM at AT&T did not help.  I then used the Genius Bar locally.  He then went to settings > General > Reset (at the bottom) > Reset Network Settings.  MyiPad3 has worked perfectly on both 3G and 4G since then.  That is the solution according to Apple.

  • Je_ora

    Up until reading this I thought it was the network operator’s fault. However, I’m beginning to think it the new iPad. My ipad 2 connects with any fuss to 3G. However with the new iPad, I have to reboot every time I leave the house to get on to 3G.

  • Neil Kinner

    I have had a similar issue on a new iPad 3. Fine on wifi but will not connect to 3G after dropping a wifi connection. Went to the Apple store in Birmingham and was given an immediate appointment with a genius bar member of staff. Problem resolved in seconds. Go to settings / general / reset / reset network settings. Since then the iPad happily moves between wifi and 3G without any problems. Hope this works for others.

    • Juli Clover

      Awesome, thanks for the tip!

      • Ginger Holt

        This worked!! Thanks much!

  • Lhemmerich

    I had iPad1 before I bought this ipad3 no question about it the the 3G or wi-fi ois not as sensitivity I noted that on my own network iPad 1 will connect when ipad3 will not

  • Cklamsgp

    Yes I have exactly the same symptoms as all my colleagues. Tried turning on and off 3G and turning on and off Airplane mode but did not help. Only way is to reboot.

  • Amin

    Yes, same problem here. Apple is referring to the carrier, T-Mobile state they are working on the issue.

  • Iknow

    Yes, in Indonesia too. My new iPad have the same problem with 3G network.

  • Markddalton

    I have same issue in southeast Missouri. I will connect to wifi and then to 4g but not to 3G, even when my iPhone will connect to the 3G next to it. Both also have strong signals.

  • Thomas Hurlimann

    am one of the frustrated iPad3 users here in Switzerland. Apple Support asked
    me to change the SIM card which, however, did not solve the problem at all.  Afterwards Apple Support replaced my iPad3
    without hesitation (some remarks of the technical staff let me believe that
    Apple is well aware of the problem). It worked for a while but the old problem
    was back very quickly. Now I continue to reinitialise network settings again
    and again.

  • Paulfrancisco84

    Ipad 3 user here in the philippines… I bought my ipad 3 at Globe Telecommunications but i think i have an issue regarding the 3g… It has selective connections here in my country when im at home i dont have any signal but my iphone 4 (same network with my ipad 3) has 3g and very fast… I think apple should help us solve this problem… And they should include this in their IOS 6 and should release it immediately…