AT&T Starts Testing Ad-Sponsored Free Wi-Fi at Dallas Airport

There are plenty of airports already sporting free airport-wide Wi-Fi, such as those in Phoenix, San Diego, and San Francisco, but the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport has always charged a fee.

That’s set to change, because AT&T is planning to offer free Wi-Fi at the Dallas airport’s five terminals starting in September.

There is, of course, a caveat, since nothing in life is truly free. Airport patrons who want to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi will need to watch a 30-second video ad for every 40 minutes of usage.

While the service will be available for laptops, AT&T has not yet given word on whether tablets and smartphones will be able to access the wireless, but it seems like it should be no problem, so long as the phones and tablets are able to access the video ads.

This ad supported Wi-Fi is currently limited to the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, though if it is successful, it could spread to other airports that currently charge for wireless access.

[via Gigaom]

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