New Yorkers, with Aereo, You Can Watch Live, Broadcast TV on Your iDevices

Aereo's Tiny Antennas

While there are several apps that allow you to watch live TV on your iPad and your iPhone, most of these are provided through cable companies, meaning you have to have a cable package in order to use them, which often costs upwards of $75 per month.

You can also watch delayed TV shows from Hulu Plus and Netflix if you don’t have cable, but you miss out on important live programming like sports and local news. Aereo’s new service is the best of both worlds – no long term cable bill with access to live shows.

Aereo costs just $12 per month for over-the-air television programming to your iPhone, iPad, Roku box, or computer browser if you happen to live in New York City. There isn’t an app or any pesky hardware – you just need the web browser for your device. Of course, it also integrates with AirPlay and Apple TV, so you can even watch your shows on the big screen.

Why just New York City? As we all know, cable companies are desperate for our dollars, so getting around the legal restrictions involved with broadcasting television shows at such a low price is a daunting task. Aereo essentially allows all of its subscribers to “rent” a small HD antenna, which is stored in the company’s data center.

This tiny antenna is what allows access to the Aereo website, where you can browse and search through live TV programs, assign episodes to be recorded on a 40GB DVR, and share your shows with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.

Aereo is currently offering 90 days of free trial service to people living in New York through invites, which you can sign up for by visiting the Aereo website.

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  • CodeSmoke

    Very creative, great Job. Hope this really takes off. They send their signal over the air waves for free but tell you what device you can watch it on when you try to stream it. What idiots, you would think they would love the chance to show more commercials.