IBM’s ‘Minds of Modern Mathematics’ iPad App Celebrates the History of Math

If you’re a lover of math and want to know more about the ways that math has shaped our world throughout history, then IBM’s new app, Minds of Modern Mathematics, is an app that you will want to check out.

Minds of Modern Mathematics takes you on an interactive journey that spans more than 1,000 years, from 1000 AD to 1960, telling the story of mathematics has advanced and impacted art, science, music, architecture, and culture.

The app is designed for students, teachers, tech fans, and math lovers, and is based on IBM’s 1964 World’s Fair exhibit, Mathematica: A World of Numbers…and Beyond. There are more than 500 biographies of important mathematical figures, plus milestones and images of important artifacts.

There’s also an “IBM Mathematics Peep Show,” which is a series of two-minute animated films from Charles and Ray Eames, designers of the original 50-foot history of math infographic that the app is based on. The films present lessons on mathematical concepts from exponents to the way ancient Greeks measured the earth.

IBM currently maintains the largest mathematics department in the tech industry, and the company hopes that the app will be used both in and out of the classroom to spur interest in careers that involve science, technology, engineering, and math.

Want to check out Minds of Modern Mathematics? You can download it from the iPad App Store, where it is available for free.

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