Over In The Meadow: Sing Your Numbers – iPad App Review

Sing Your NumbersChildren love to learn which makes apps like Over in the Meadow: Sing Your Numbers very valuable. Built for very young children, this app combines two things that are most treasured: music and animals.

The app is broken into two main sections: games and a sing-along style story.

The song is very catchy and sweet (many of you will be familiar with the nursery rhyme used in this app as they sing from “Little Froggie One” to “Little Bees Five”) and allows your child to learn how to count while watching and interacting with a variety of animals in a series of scenes.

Playing the games in this app not only teach your child to match shapes, match sea creatures and count them building ships and launching animals through the air back to the meadow.  Kids will also be rewarded with phrases like: good listening, great work and good job! They will also find their confidence increase as they enjoy each of the games.

What I liked: The music in this app is performed by professional musicians which makes it easy to listen to instead of annoying –so many of these kinds of apps have voices that try harder to be silly than appealing. The developers clearly understand that if parents don’t mind listening to the song, there is a far greater likelihood that they’ll want to load it up for their kids!

What I didn’t like: In one of the games you have to help a group of mice build a ship that is sea-worthy. While the boat keeps sinking (and you then have to add on more pieces) it isn’t really clear that what you are doing is building a better and better boat. A little more narration or text describing the activities would be helpful.

To buy or not to buy: This app is a fun way to help your child learn to count.


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