Netgear Genie Mobile App Lets You Manage Network and Media via iPad

Many of you out there likely use Netgear routers for your home Wi-Fi network, and if so, Netgear has just released an all new iPhone and iPad app that lets you manage your home network and access media on it from your mobile device.

You can change settings, update passwords, block users, blacklist websites, set parental controls, and more, right from your iPhone or iPad. It’s quick, easy, and convenient.

The Netgear Genie app is essentially a dashboard that allows you to access all of your router tools, including Live Parental Controls, Guest Access, and a Broadband Usage Meter. There’s also a handy home network map that provides a graphic depiction of your entire home network, making it easy to identify and block unwanted devices.

Netgear’s app also has an all new MyMedia feature, which allows you to use your iDevice to find photos, videos, or music files anywhere on your network and then play them on any media player. For example, find family photos and push them to smart TVs or other devices on the network. This is a useful tool that makes accessing all of your media a simple task.

If you have a Netgear router, you can download the Netgear Genie from the App Store for free. There’s an iPhone version and an iPad version. If you’re not an iOS user, there’s also an Android version available through Google Play.

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