iPad Launch Birthday Today– Already 2 Years of iPad Availability

Happy-BirthdayWhere has the time gone? With pre-orders that started on March 12, 2010 the first generation iPad was delivered to consumers in the US about two weeks later on April 3. For those of us who watched the product launch from the edges of our seats, we were waiting (not so patiently) to “get [our] hands on this magical and revolutionary product and connect with [our] apps and content in a more intimate, intuitive and fun way than ever before.”

Happy second birthday iPad, may you find continued success as the market leader among tablets and further strive for innovation with imagination as your father had intended. Too cheesy? I apologize.

I’m well aware that other tablets and devices with touch-screen interfaces existed prior to the iPad. I’m equally aware that none offered the ease of use and degree of integration that the iPad made available. To borrow a phrase that Steve Jobs himself became very fond of, “It just works.”

Each generation of the iPad is slightly more refined than the one before, with each model getting improvements that range from moderate differences in speed to substantial differences in screen resolution (which doubled with the release of the third generation unit). We migrated from a tablet without a camera, to one with dual cameras and now to dual cameras capable of recording HD-quality video. We gained a gyroscope and later got Bluetooth 4.0.

Support for the iPad has increased with unparallelled momentum. With over 500,000 apps (and growing) in the Apple App Store, the Apple-coined phrase “There’s an app for that.” has become a part of the common English vernacular to the point that it is nearly a cliche. Companies that design accessories can barely keep up with the demand as consumers come up with new reasons, locations and situtations in which to use their iPad.

Sky is the limit for what we may see in the iPad 4 and the rumors are already starting to circulate. I do have one quick question now though… where is the best place to send a card?

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