Verizon Mobile TV Streaming Service in the Works

VerizonAccording to Verizon Communications’ Chief Executive Lowell C. McAdam, if Verizon manages to snag the SpectrumCo AWS licenses that it’s after from the Comcast, Time Warner, and Bright House Trio, the company plans on using its new cable connections to launch a mobile TV streaming service.

McAdam told the Wall Street Journal that the new pact between the mobile company and the cable provider is “the beginning of an integrated offering,” which could be out by the holidays, provided everything goes as planned.

A streaming television service from Verizon would allow Verizon subscribers to watch television on their smartphones and tablets, including both the iPhone and the iPad.

While several cable companies already offer streaming television via tablet and smartphone, most of those are limited to users with cable subscriptions and home Wi-Fi connections for verification purposes.

Verizon’s video service would eliminate those confines, allowing subscribers to watch cable television anywhere, even away from home. It’s also the potential first step towards a la carte cable channels.

Of course, this is dependent on whether or not the FCC allows Verizon to purchase $3.9 billion dollars worth of additional spectrum, which is currently up in the air. Earlier this month the FCC asked Verizon to prove that it needed the additional spectrum licenses, so it’s far from a done deal.

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  • Hrunga Zmuda

    Verizon is joking. How can you have a video streaming service after killing unlimited service? It’s using a Fiat to do the job of a dump truck.