Top 10 Easter iPad Apps and Accessories for Kids

Despite the early spring that much of the U.S. has experienced, it’s still hard to believe that Easter is almost here. We decided to give the Easter Bunny some iOS-related suggestions for Easter Baskets this year.

The end of winter is always something to celebrate, so whether you celebrate Easter or not, these kid-friendly games, apps, and accessories are sure to please your child as he or she gets ready for spring. Fans of Miffy and Beatrix Potter will also want to check out our recent reviews of kids edu-apps featuring those beloved bunnies.

1. Bunny Fun: Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes ($0.99) – Well-known children’s book author and illustrator Rosemary Wells brings her bunnies to the iPad. This book app takes the song familiar to pre-schoolers everywhere, pairs it with distinctive illustrations, as well as song lyrics in English, French, Spanish, or Japanese. Where else can you read along with a bunny dressed in a kimono, and learn the Japanese word for toes?


2. Kung Fu Rabbit ($0.99) – Imagine you are a carrot-loving, baby-saving bunny whose students have been kidnapped. This universal iOS platformer offers 70 levels of adventure as Kung Fu Bunny tries to conquer the evil empire. Kids are sure to giggle as they help the martial arts-trained rabbit to victory.


3. Pat the Bunny ($3.99) – Back when classrooms stocked slates and kids still ate paste, Pat the Bunny was already interactive. Before that term implied touch screen hotspots, pre-schoolers had been falling in love with this classic children’s book for generations. As a universal iOS app, Dorothy Kundhardt’s book still draws kids in with its simple story of Paul, Judy, their bunny, and (of course) you.


4. Violet’s Bunny Trouble ($2.99) – Violet (or rather her black mask-sporting alter ego Phantom Girl) stars in a series of universal iOS kids’ books by My Black Dog. In Bunny Trouble, readers search out missing Easter eggs, while reading or listening to an entertaining story that early elementary students of both genders will enjoy.


5. Picture Me Cuddly as a Bunny ($0.99) – Could your kids be any cuter? Don’t answer until you’ve checked out this adorable Oceanhouse Media app that turns your kid (or kids) into a bunny (or kitten, puppy, even a fuzzy lamb) who stars in a digital dress-up story. Since users can email their favorite photos to friends and family, Picture Me Cuddly as a Bunny is a gift the whole family will enjoy. This universal iOS app’s introductory price expires on April 8, 2012 — so hop to it!


6. Angry Birds Space HD ($2.99) – You read that right. Angry Birds Space HD has nothing to do with springtime or Easter, but it’s the newest version of the hottest game in the history of iOS. Your kids are probably still begging for this title, telling you they are the ONLY kid who doesn’t own it yet. So just give in already; Angry Birds Space is cheaper than a chocolate rabbit, and more fun too.


7. Speck iGuy Case ($39.95) – Not only does Speck’s iGuy make it easier for tiny hands to hold an iPad. This colorful case houses the tablet in protective, non-toxic foam. Plus, it fits any iPad model. The case pops on and off easily, and it might be just the thing to keep your iPad safe in the hands of its youngest users.


8. Rubber Duckie Earphones ($9.99) – Buy your kid a set of these rubber duckie earphones so you can stop listening to him play Kung Fu Bunny or Angry Birds Space. They stand out in an Easter basket, and your kid will stop using the pricier set you bought for yourself. There are also ladybugs, frogs, or strawberries, and even peace signs or skulls, so it is easy to pick the perfect pair to grace the ears of kids at any age.


9. Nomad Play Paintbrush Stylus ($18.00) – Budding iPad artists will love this colorful paintbrush stylus by Nomad. The high-quality brush is carved out of maple and embossed with one of four different designs. It’s sized for smaller hands with a design that is playful, yet not so childish that kids will outgrow using it.


10. Space Invaders iPad Case ($20.00) – Gaming enthusiasts of any age will appreciate this Space Invaders’ themed iPad case. Created by Etsy seller studioeq, this stylish, sturdy case is available in a variety of colors and materials. It is sure to make a stand-out addition to any Easter basket.


Photo: wwarby

About Emily: Emily is a freelance writer who loves discovering new apps whenever she can pry the iPad away from her children or husband. You can contact her via Twitter: @whatwentwrite


    If you are looking for something for kids and you are a big fan of more traditional games such as tic tac toe, hangman etc, there is another excellent choice, Easter Fun for Kids by TPK Studio. My 3 and 8 year olds love it.