My Kid’s Health – iPad app review

Keeping up with the ins-and-outs of your kids’ lives can be an exhausting–not to mention tedious–enterprise. Luckily there’s an app that will help you stay on track, at least when it comes to those all-important health  issues.

My Kid’s Health is a comprehensive app that helps parents and caretakers schedule and document the results of vaccinations and doctors appointments (including dentist and eye appointments).  The vaccination schedules in particular are helpful because the app allows you to customize your country of residence which, in turn, keeps you updated on required shots using your child’s birth date and information provided by the World Health Organization.

The set-up is fairly easy–enter your child’s name, date of birth, blood type, allergies and, if you wish, a social security number and photo (the app supports as many kids as you have).  From there you can log growth records (height, weight, head circumference) and create personalized health schedules with upcoming appointment reminders.

There are also sections in which to log past illnesses and injuries as well as diagnosis, treatments and outcomes–this can come in handy, not just as a baby book-styled reminder of your kid’s literal growing pains but, potentially, also as a useful tool for identifying health patterns.

What I liked: Very easy interface, great graphics–I particularly like the visual graphs for weight and height. You can also sync this app with your iPad calendar–great for setting up reminders for appointments, etc.

What I didn’t like: It’d be great if this app expanded to include the entire family–being able to log health information for Mom and Dad would be extremely useful. It would also be helpful if there were a separate notes area–a place where parents could log information, questions for doctors, etc. And, finally, an area to enter fitness goals and achievements–a daily exercise log for example–would be a great addition.

To buy or not to buy: At $8.99, it’s a little expensive but the ability to have all this information in one, easy-to-use app is worth it.

  • App Name: My Kid’s Health
  • Version Reviewed: 1.1
  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Developer: Pomelo Limited
  • Price: $8.99
  • Score:

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