Ubisoft’s iOS Games to Feature Cloud-based Services to Improve User Experience

Isn’t it great when you download a universal app to your iPad and then sync it to your iPhone? You can play your most favorite games where ever you like.

Doesn’t it suck when you have to play two different games because, although the app is universal, the game you are playing is not? Ubisoft has made some changes that will make it so that you never have to stop playing.

In a recent interview, Ubisoft digital head Chris Early told Pocket Lint that all of the company’s mobile games in the future will come with a save-game service that will allow players to continue playing from one device to another.

“I think that is a huge issue and I personally can’t stand it where I have to do something over again,” said Early. “We have a cloud-based storage system for that data for you.”

The company’s upcoming release of Ghost Recon Commander will be supported with cloud storage so that players can start playing on Facebook and continue on their mobile device.

Early is a gamer himself and looks forward to a future where games can be synced across all devices. “As a player, I absolutely hope that game saves across multiple devices will be like this in the future. From an Ubisoft perspective, yes they will,” he added.

Apple has both a cloud service and Game Center. It is a wonder why the company has not already figured out a way to integrate the two, allowing users to have universal gameplay without waiting for game developers to create their own storage service.

Hopefully, the next iOS update, as well as the upcoming Mountain Lion, will incorporated something useful for gamers that don’t want to have to leave their game behind.

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