New Impressive Drawing App for iPad, Paper, Hits the App Store

Paper by FiftyThree is a new drawing and note taking app from the creators of the original Courier, a dual-screen digital notebook, that was, along with its software, nixed by Microsoft.

Several of the designers that worked on Courier also had a hand in paper, which is an app that is basically a blank piece of paper, with no distracting settings or menus, which makes whatever a user is sketching, writing, or drawing the focal point of the app.

The app is gorgeously designed, with several different colorful moleskin notebook to choose from. You can flip through notes as if it were a functional notebook, and tapping a page allows you to edit your content with a range of tools.

You can sketch, write, outline, and color, with carefully designed pens and pencils. While you can use a finger, a stylus makes the experience even better. Touch controls, such as rotating your fingers to undo are intuitively designed, though they will take some time to get used to.

Paper has a special ink engine that reacts to movement to optimize each tool that you are using, giving you a range of expressions from a single tool – you’ll have perfect handwriting, beautiful coloring, and great sketches without fussing with settings.

The app is designed for the iPad’s new Retina display, and comes equipped with a full 2048×1536 canvas that allows you to add minute details to your work, such as pencil texture and watercolor edge bleed.

Completed notebooks, sketches, or drawings can be emailed, or shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

While the initial download of Paper is free from the App Store, additional tools will need to be unlocked with in-app purchases. There’s an essential bundle for $7.99, and individual tools for coloring, writing, sketching, and outlining available for $1.99 each.

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