iPad Readers Get Comfy With BookWedge — iPad Gear Review

The BookWedge is an inflatable, portable stand aimed to prevent the iPad from giving users a pain in the neck when used for an extended period of time.

Weighing just 3.5 oz, the BookWedge allows a user to prop up an iPad on her lap or on a tabletop without holding onto the device. The BookWedge was as easy to inflate as an average party balloon, and could be stored almost anywhere (purse, briefcase, beach bag) once it was deflated.

The iPad was surprisingly stable when rested on the BookWedge. The device sinks into a small groove at the base of the stand, and then the iPad’s weight helps hold the it in place.


For comparison I tested the BookWedge with a Kindle, a Nook Color, and a standard size hardcover book. The iPad felt, by far, the most stable, particularly in landscape mode.

The space at the base of the BookWedge was not quite deep enough to hold either The Art of Fielding (528 pp.) or The Sense of an Ending (163 pp.) without needing me to stabilize the book with my hand as I read.

While it is constructed of relatively thin plastic, the outside surface of the BookWedge has a soft texture that creates a small amount of friction between the stand and the device that sits upon it.

The BookWedge comes with a 60-day guarantee. Order it online for $19.99 plus shipping (around $4.00 to most US addresses).

What I liked: The BookWedge is portable, and lightweight. It was comfortable to use and my iPad felt secure while resting on the stand.

What I didn’t like: Because it is made from inflatable plastic, there is the chance that it could puncture or start to lose air over time. It doesn’t come with a travel case, but should be put in something (even a Ziploc bag) to keep it clean while not in use.

To buy or not to buy: Frequent travelers or folks who often use their iPads while resting in bed will find the BookWedge to be an inexpensive and practical iPad stand.

  • Accessory Name: BookWedge
  • Category: Photography
  • Manufacturer: Cypress Creek Marketing
  • Price: $19.99
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