Google Plans to Sell New Tablet Directly to Consumers

My local mall has an Apple Store and a Microsoft Windows store, could a Google-branded store be its next addition? According to The Wall Street Journal, Google is planning to market and sell tablets directly to its consumers, via an online store.

By implementing direct sales, Google is hoping to revive the lackluster sales of Android branded tablets, which, historically, have not been able to compete with Apple’s line of iPads.

Google’s future tablets may be co-branded. Sources state that Google won’t be making its own devices, and instead, partners like Samsung Electronics and ASUStek Computer will be crafting the hardware, while Google will be responsible for the software that the tablets run.

To compete with low cost options like the Kindle Fire, Google may consider subsidizing the cost of the tablets. Back in 2010, Google released its own Nexus One, manufactured by HTC. The smartphone was unpopular and discontinued several months later, but the Mountain View-based company expects its online store to be more successful.

The first tablets from Google’s upcoming online store may be released as early as mid-2012, beginning with a tablet produced by Asus. Google’s Jelly Bean is expected to be released around the same time, and the debut of the new operating system may coincide with the release of the online store.

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