Two Years with The iPad– Distimo In-Depth Study

Research firm Distimo recently released a two-year study on the iPad and the App Store and offers detailed information as to how the Apple App Store has revolutionized the way media is distributed to consumers, specifically in the tablet market.

According to the report, there are over 180,000 iPad applications in the App Store. To put this into perspective, there are approximately 200,000 iPhone apps and the iPad came into existence three years later than Apple’s smart phone. One reason that iPad apps have skyrocketed in the App Store is Universal compatibility.

Interestingly, Distimo noted that universal applications make up about 61 percent of iPad apps, even though developers could double their money by making one iPhone app and one iPad app.

The report also noted that Apple’s iPad App Store is the largest tablet store in the U.S., relative to other tablet app markets. Additionally, 10 percent of all iPad applications and 11 percent of all universal applications feature in-app purchases compared to six percent for the iPhone and two percent for Google’s application store, Google Play.

Apple’s Newsstand is a big hit for iPad users. More than seven percent of the top 200 grossing applications are Newsstand apps. Free weather applications are also popular. According to the report, although there are not a significant number of free weather apps, the relative download rate is high in that category.

China has made App Store records by surpassing the U.S. and becoming the largest market for free applications in the world. The top 300 free apps in China topped out at 1.1 million downloads in February 2012 while the U.S. saw just below one million for the same time period in the same category.

The highest-ranking all-time publisher in the Apple App Store for iPad between April 2010 and February 2012 is Apple. Its popular iWorks apps, as well as GarageBand and iPhoto have helped push it to the top spot. Electronic Arts took second place and Chillingo took third, while Big Fish Games squeaked onto the list at number 10.

There will be a lot more to research and study as the new iPad breaks Apple’s own sales records. I wonder what the iPad App Store will look like two years from now.

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