Apple Responds to iPad Battery Charging Issue

If you weren’t aware, in addition to the new iPad’s “Heatgate” issues, there’s also been some criticism over the way the new iPad charges. You see, when the iPad hits 100 percent charged, it doesn’t stop charging – it keeps going.

Over the weekend, CNBC mistakenly told consumers that charging the iPad over 100 percent could potentially damage the longevity of the battery, which prompted Apple to explain the situation to AllThingsD earlier today.

According to Apple’s Vice President of iPad Product Marketing, Michael Tchao, the iPad battery displays as 100 percent charged before the tablet actually reaches a fully charged state. When it reaches that point, it continues to charge, and then it discharges a slight amount and charges back up to 100 percent. It does this continually until the iPad is unplugged, which keeps the device at the optimum charge.

“That circuitry is designed so you can keep your device plugged in as long as you would like. It’s a great feature that’s always been in iOS,” said Tchao.

Despite this functionality existing in both the iPhone, the iPod Touch, and previous versions of the iPad, it was only noticed with the release of the new iPad, when DisplayMate noticed that the iPad was not fully charged when it displayed a 100 percent charge.

Keeping your iPad plugged in will not harm the battery life as previously reported. In fact, Tchao says that new iPad owners should get 10 hours of battery life from their iPads no matter where the iPad is in its charging cycle, as long as the battery displays a full charge. So there’s no reason to worry – your iPad’s battery is functioning exactly as it is supposed to.

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  • araczynski

    i thought that was the case with all modern rechargeable batteries, they get to 90% quickly, but that last 10% takes a substantially longer time.  I think the OS just reports the 90% as 100% and keeps going.

  • Lizsamangel

    Does anyone knows why the new ipad gets hot to touch???