Apple One Step Closer to Selling New iPad in China

Apple in ChinaThere has yet to be an official announcement from Apple as to when the new iPad will launch in China. Some are speculating that the wait is due to the ongoing dispute between Apple and Proview, the company made famous for claiming ownership of the iPad trademark and coming frighteningly close to succeeding in its attempt to win back the rights to it.

Today, the new iPad was granted the China Compulsory Product Certification by the China Quality Certification Center, which is one less hurdle that Apple has to jump in order to get their tablet into the hands of Chinese tech lovers.

The Chinese Compulsory Product Certification, or CCC as it is known, is a statutory compulsory safety certification system used to protect consumer interest. Products are required to receive the stamp of approval from the CCC before they can be imported into the country.

This is still not enough to get the new iPad to waiting Chinese residents. The Proview lawsuit has had such an impact on the country that it is now being deliberated in a high court in Guangzhaou, China. Proview has been convincing local authorities to enforce a ban on all imports and exports of iPads and hopes to make the ban national and has even tried to gain global rights to the name.

According to IDG News Service writer Michael Kan, 4G versions of the iPad still need CCC approval for a network access permit.  Analysys International analyst Sun Peilin said,“Even with the approval, Chinese authorigies could still decide to intervene, given the ongoing trademark dispute.”

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