Apple Looking to Add its own VoIP Capabilities?

When the next generation of iPhone launches, it will probably support the 4G network. If you have a “grandfathered” contract with AT&T that gives you an unlimited data plan, you’ll lose that contract if you want to upgrade to 4G. It is a new data plan and AT&T will take away your unlimited plan. Not fair, right? Why would Apple make you lose your unlimited data plan?

Well, it’s not Apple’s fault that AT&T wants to take that away from you. What if Apple had its own voice service and we didn’t have to rely on outside carriers for our smartphone use? Then, Apple could give the whole world unlimited date if they wanted. It could be a veritable smorgasbord of voice, text and Internet for our taking. What a wonderful world it could be.

Light Reading recently reported uncovering a job posting on Apple’s website that sounds a bit like looking for someone to help the company create their own Voice over IP (VoIP) capabilities.

One job listing is looking for persons with experience in call control, voice signal software, SIP, RTP, and VoIP related protocols. Familiarity with telecommunication network architectures: GSM/UMTS, CDMA, VoIP, IMS.

According to Light Reading, the fact that Apple is looking to hire someone with VoIP and IMS familiarity, doesn’t mean that the company is going to start its own voice service anytime soon. Too bad.

A senior analyst for Heavy Reading said, “There’s a view they could try and do an end-run around the telecom industry and create their own communications services eco-system by developing Facetime and iMessage,” he adds. “No doubt there’s some merit to that view, but ultimately everyone benefits from cross-platform communications services.”

Gigaom had a similar take on the possibilities of Apple and their future in voice service. “The more likely scenario is Apple launches a cross-device VoIP platform that allows customers to trade phone calls between iPhones, iPads and Macs.”

Whatever the reason Apple is looking for software engineers with telephony, it looks like the company is working toward having a bit more control over what is offered to its iOS device customer base.

Oh, unlimited 4G data, will we ever be together?

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  • Jesse Diaz

    I didn’t know that AT&T came out and said that the “grandfathered” plan would nOt be honored….I got my 3rd iPad this last time and they honored e unlimited plan and was able to go to 4g unlimited…..

  • Christopher

    AT&T doesn’t currently honor it’s unlimited plans. Customers with them are throttled off when they reach the top 10% of users – two months ago this was under 2GB. Apple advised me this week that AT&T may change this to make unlimited mean 3GB.