DirecTV iPad App Update Adds Video Streaming on the Go


DirectTV seems to understand that in order to remain relevant in this new digital world, they need to find ways to deliver content faster and easier than their competition. To this end, they have expanded their app such that you can stream movies from any location –not just in your home on your local network (a restriction that has only been lifted for select movies, streaming television content still requires that you are in the same house as your cable account).

They are calling it DIRECTV Everywhere and it’s a good start, especially when other cable providers (like Time Warner Cable) have released similar app enhancements that require you to be on an Internet connection provided by their company alone to access their content. While I can certainly see the reasoning behind that restriction (rewarding customer loyalty with perks isn’t a new concept), but it doesn’t help you at all when you are in areas that you can’t control the Internet connection provider.

With the current enhancements, the content available outside of your home network can be streamed over 3G, 4G or WiFi, though I suspect you would want to use WiFi as much as possible to avoid huge data charges and to give you your best performance.

Social networking has also been upgraded, giving you the ability to quickly post to Facebook, Miso, GetGlue, and Twitter from every page within the app. This is very helpful for those of you that watch shows as a virtual group, tweeting excitedly about show happenings and that great new plot twist. Even if you don’t take advantage of these features you can see how DirecTV is trying to become your go-to hub for video streaming.

The DirecTV app is pretty great besides, of course, offering the ability to see what’s coming up next, use your iPad like a universal remote, schedule recordings or review your playlist. It can be downloaded for free directly from the App Store.

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  • SunKatt

    I would think that if Directv wanted to stay more “relevant in this new digital world,” they would have released this with live TV capabilities. Even though I work for DISH, I think it would be great for Direct’s subscribers to be able to maximize video capabilities on their mobile devices. I know that I love watching live TV and my DVR recordings since I subscribe to DISH and I use their DISH Remote Access app along with my Sling Adapter. For the sake of Direct’s subscribers I hope that they speed things up to truly be relevant in the new digital world.