A Jazzy Day – Music Education Book for Kids

Listening to music is usually the first way that children learn to enjoy and appreciate music, but the next step involves teaching them about the instruments themselves. A Jazzy Day – Music Education Book for Kids helps children learn about instruments and bands with a feature-rich app that employs learning, games and an interactive book.

Every so often an app blows me away, and A Jazzy Day was successful at doing just that. Featuring a cast of characters all played by cats and kittens, this app is every bit as entertaining and delightful as it is educational.

The interactive book portion is wonderful. Each page (whether you choose to read the text yourself or have it narrated for you) features animations and interactive elements galore. Instructions spoken aloud by the narrator give hints as to where the interactive elements are, which is extremely helpful for smaller children.

In the learning portion of the app your child is greeted with a collage of instrument pictures that can be touched, enlarged (using familiar iPad gestures) and heard –each with the name of the instrument clearly spoken aloud as they do. The in-app game is a series of seek-and-find activities where your child is presented with an instrument (by name and picture) or sound and then asked to discover the correct match among a sea of others. A successful find will result in cheering and a celebration that young children will be extremely motivated by.

What I liked: More common instruments are fairly easy for your children to identify (such as a guitar, drums or piano), but there are a lot more choices that feature distinctive sounds and this app helps you show your child what they look and sound like.

What I didn’t like: I wish there was a ‘turn the page’ icon inside the interactive book portion of this app, simply because I find smaller children have an easier time with that functionality over the ‘swipe-to-turn’ style.

To buy or not to buy: I would recommend this app without hesitation for anybody with young children interested in music.


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