iPad Likely to Push Tablet Gaming Past $3 Billion by 2014

According to Juniper Research, tablet gaming revenues are expected to soar. That’s not much of a surprise, since Apple recently sold 3 million new iPads in a single weekend. In 2011, gaming revenues reached $491 million, a number that may climb as high as $3.1 billion by 2014.

As the iPad continues to grow in popularity, tablet gaming revenue is expected to account for one third of all mobile gaming revenue by 2016, which will cause smartphone gaming to decline.

“Tablets are expensive devices, typically retailing for around $500 with none of the subsidies from operators that are seen on smartphones. Owners tend to have a higher disposable income than the general smartphone user base. Thus they often spend more on game downloads and on in-game items than other demographics,” explained the study.

The study goes on to say that the tablet is ideal for gaming, because of its larger size. Apple’s new iPad also has a quad-core GPU and Retina display graphics, which make it an even more attractive gaming platform.

While Apple is attempting to attract to more serious gamers (those who are generally console and computer users) with its recent upgrades, Juniper believes that social and casual games will continue to make up the bulk of the market because of their wider appeal.

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