Eventbrite Joins the iPad Mobile Card Reader Buzz

Eventbrite, the popular ticketing company, is planning to release a payment device for the iPad, which is designed to make the sale of tickets and merchandise easier for event organizers.

The new Eventbrite At The Door Card Reader package will include both a mobile card reader and the At The Door iPad app, and it will make the box office a thing of the past – at least for small events. According to the company, the Eventbrite system will work well at just about any event.

So just what does the system do? It allows an event organizer to accept and swipe credit cards, plus wirelessly print both customer receipts and tickets (with the purchase of an additional printer for $300). The included iPad app also keeps track of detailed sales analytics.

The mobile card reader connects to the iPad using Apple’s 30-pin connector and all credit card payments are encrypted. Approximately 400+ transactions per hour are able to be performed using the At The Door reader. Payments taken with the app are free of service fees, so users only need to pay for credit card processing, at least during launch.

If this system sounds like something you’re interested in, the credit card reader is available in the Brite Store for $10, which is automatically reimbursed in your Eventbrite account – essentially making it free to try. The accompanying iPad app is available in the App Store, and it is also free. All in all, this is a great system for smaller venues, from band ticket sales to art shows.

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