Enhance your iPad Music Experience with New SRS Music App, Plus Win a New iPad

SRS Labs has just announced the launch of their new iPad app, MyTunes Pro and to celebrate the news, they are giving away three new iPads. If you don’t already have the third-generation tablet, now is your chance to get one for free. If you do already have one, now is your chance to listen to your music library with a richer audio experience.

Since digital music has become more accessible, sound quality has become less important to distributors of that music. MP3 downloads are compressed and the full sound intended by the artists are often lost in transition. SRS Labs wants to give music fans the opportunity to have more control over their listening experience.

“We designed MyTunes Pro HD to not only restore fidelity and quality to music so that it sounds closer to the original studio recording, but to also put the user in complete control of how their music sounds,” said Allen Gharapetian, Senior Vice President of Marketing for SRS Labs. “We are confident that MyTunes Pro HD and MyTunes Pro will ignite the senses like never before and cause users to fall in love with their digital music library all over again.”

Right now, users who download the free app can enter to win one of three new iPads, as well as a $10 iTunes gift card to be used to download the full version of MyTunes Pro HD. The contest will end around the middle of April.

The free app is a trial version of the full, $9.99 MyTunes Pro experience. For 10 minutes per day, uses can play music from their iPad’s library through the app to see just how incredible the sound quality is. Without even manually adjusting the settings, I was able to hear a significant difference between music being played through the native music player and music being played through MyTunes Pro HD.

Download the free trial and you’ll see how impressive and easy to use this app can be. And, while you’re at it, enter to win a free iPad.

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