Verizon Rumored to Launch Shared Data Plans Soon

Those of us who own both iPads and iPhones have been hoping for a shared data plan for years now, and it’s finally happening. According to PhoneArena, Verizon is planning to announce shared family data plans for smartphone and tablet users.

A leaked screenshot reveals that the shared data plans will be available soon, allowing customers to pay a single fee for data on family plans on all devices. 

The screenshot has daily usage calculations for e-mail, web surfing, and online gaming, to help families calculate the necessary data plan. There’s no word yet on rates, but it looks like available data will go up to 30GB and beyond.

It’s not clear from the screenshot whether data sharing will be available for individual users who own both a smartphone and a tablet, or if this is exclusively for family plans. Regardless, data sharing is a much desired feature, and it could potentially give Verizon a leg up on its major competitor, AT&T, who does not currently offer data sharing.

Lets hope that Verizon’s prices are reasonable, and that AT&T is forced to offer the same sharing in order to stay competitive.

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  • Android Guy

    Shared data plans for iPad and iPhone should have been common services by the carriers. I think $50 per month is reasonable.

  • Kevin

    Fat chance of it being reasonable. And unless its unlimited, I’m not interested.