Lab Analysis Confirms the New iPad Screen is ‘The Best Display Ever on a Mobile Device’

Some people have a knack for stating the obvious. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the new iPad’s Retina display screen meets Apple’s claim that it is the best display ever on a mobile device. DisplayMate just confirms that claim and backs it up with a lot of detail.

Electronics display analysis company DisplayMate recently released a comprehensive report that calls the new iPad’s Retina display “state-of-the-art.” The long and detailed data shows that the new iPad is greatly improved of the the iPad 2 in sharpness and color saturation. DisplayMate even went so far as to give the new iPad their own, “Best Mobile Display” award.

According to their analysis, “The new iPad’s picture quality, color accuracy, and gray scale are not only much better than any other Tablet or Smartphone, it’s also much better than most HDTVs, laptops, and monitors.”

The analysis compared the new iPad to the iPad 2 and found that it used 2.5 times the backlight power for the same screen brightness and that there is significantly more power and battery in the new iPad while maintaining only the slightest increase in weight.

DisplayMate may have given the new iPad their stamp of approval, but they also mention a couple of places that Apple could work on improvements. For one, the iPad suffers from severe reflectiveness, which is the one thing that the Amazon keeps rubbing in Apple’s face since the Kindle doesn’t have that problem.

The analysis also pointed to various lighting issues, like the ambient light sensor and the RGB LED backlights as being improvable. They mentioned that a seven-inch screen, and even a 12-inch screen would be a good idea for improving upon the current iPad.

Infography courtesy of DisplayMate

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