Android Development Interest Fading Away as iOS Gains More Traction?

Battleheart, that ultra fun RPG/RTS blend that’s become popular on iOS and Android will soon be iOS only, as Battleheart developer, Mika Mobile, has decided to drop Android support. According to the company, it spend 20 percent of its time supporting the Android version, which ended up making only 5 percent of the company’s revenue.

New data from Appcelerator reveals that Mika Mobile’s abandonment of the Android platform might not be an isolated case.  In the survey, which went out to 2,160 developers, 83 percent of developers were interested in developing for Android phones, while 68 percent for Android tablets. In contrast, 91 percent of developers were interested in developing for the iPhone, and 88 percent were interested in the iPad.

Android phones have fallen four points since last quarter, and Android tablets have fallen six points, while Apple has continued to hold on to the top position.

Among Android tablets, 56 percent of developers want to develop for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, while 43 percent chose Amazon’s Kindle Fire. That’s a far cry from the iPad’s staggering 88 percent, and according to Mike King, Appcelerator strategist, “The fragmentation of the platform, which Google seems unable to curtail, is driving this drop in interest.”

And indeed, that was one of the main reasons cited by Battleheart’s Mika Mobile team, who said they were simply spending too many hours trying to get their app to work on different devices, modifying shaders and texture formats to work on different GPUs or creating patches to support new devices. Fragmentation was also cited as the biggest concern of developers contemplating developing for Amazon’s new Kindle Fire.

Fragmentation is becoming a huge issue with developers, and if Google doesn’t address the problem, it could lead to far fewer Android apps. This is especially true with newcomers like the Windows Phone 7 around – already, the platform has garnered 37 percent developer interest, putting it in a not so distant third place, behind iOS and Android.

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