PadGadget Weekly App Series — Apps For Pet Lovers

For today’s Weekly App Series we’ve found seven great apps to add to your iPad collection. Our editorial team goes through the data, picks the best and most interesting apps and then brings them to you on a regular basis.

We used our PadGadget Apps Tracker to find these great apps and we’ll continue to look for the best apps on a weekly basis. Be sure to check them out because these apps might just be what you’re looking for.

This week’s category is: Apps For Pet Lovers

1. Dog Training ($2.99) – According to dog experts, obedience training can potentially give your dog a healthier and happier life. As we all know, training a pet isn’t always an easy task, but with this app, getting your dog to respond to your commands and behave is simple. The app features training videos and step-by-step instructions that will have your dog behaving like an angel in no time. Whether your dog is big or small, young or old, you’ll find lots of tips and suggestions.


2. The Pets Diary ($0.99) – This app allows you to keep all of your animal’s veterinary information in one place. Keep tabs on yearly vaccinations, treatments, illnesses, and vet visits and have access to the information right at your fingertips. The Pets Diary is fully customizable and able to manage all of your pets, from cats and dogs to birds and snakes, and it’s easy to use with a simply designed interface. With this app, you’ll never forget critical information about your pets ever again. It’s especially great for pets with medical problems.


3. PocketFinder 2 (Free) – This is a pet location app that works in conjunction with the PocketFinder GPS pet locator, which costs $149 up front, but gives you complete peace of mind. You will always know just where your pet is at, which is great for emergencies. If your pet ever gets lost, just pull up the app on your iPad and you will see exactly where your pet is located. You can also set up a perimeter and get alerts whenever your pet ventures out of the virtual fence.


4. Dog Translator! (Free) – This app claims to translate all of your dog’s barks and howls into English, so you can figure out just what it is your dog is trying to say. The app isn’t real, of course, since there is no such thing as a dog translator, but it’s fun for entertainment and a few laughs every now and then. Skip this one if you’re looking for something serious, but if you want a free app to entertain friends and family with, give it a download.


5. Cat Fishing 2 (Free) – Games for cats have gained popularity recently, because they appear to be particularly interested in virtual mice and fish. In this game, your cat will grab at fish, and the more she grabs, the harder the game gets. Download this app and see if your cat can snag a high score. Friskier has several other fun apps for cats, including Tasty Treasures Hunt and Party Mix-Up. When the game is done you can share your cat’s score on Facebook, or post your cat’s high score on the world-wide Leaderboard.


6. Cat Piano Concerto ($0.99) – Whenever I play YouTube videos of cats meowing, my own cats go nuts, which is a lot of fun every once in awhile. With this app, you can have an orchestra of cat meows right at your fingertips to play for your pets or to simply annoy your friends and family. There are 10 entertaining meows, from Angelic Meow to The Warbler, that will send your cats into a hilarious frenzy as they look for the hidden cat in the room.


7. Paint for Cats ($1.99) – This is an awesome app that sends mice scurrying across your iPad screen, which will attract your cat to attack. When your cat taps the screen, it will record the movements and the paw prints, so you end up with a customized piece of art created by your favorite furry feline. You can post the paw print paintings on your social networks or print them out to hang them on the wall. Be careful: if you let your cat play this game you may not get your iPad back!


Notes: For additional information, check out the PadGadget Apps Tracker. Our tracker provides an easy way to constantly monitor the App Store to find the best iPad apps for you. If you loved these apps, be sure to check out our Weekly Series list of apps for the iPad.

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