Is your New iPad Overheating?

Recently, there has been a bit of clamor around the Internet regarding the new iPad’s tendency to warm up while in use. While Apple has not come forward with an official comment on the issue, many are wondering if the device’s new battery, or processor chip may be to blame.

Will it ever get so hot that we have to worry about meltdowns or skin damage? Probably not, but don’t be surprised if your new iPad gives you an overheating warning.

Apple’s first and second-generation iPads also experienced issues with warming up too much for their delicate senses. Both model iPad owners experienced overheating when exposed to direct sunlight. However, it appears that the new iPad’s overheating issue is unrelated to external temperatures.

According to ZDNet, the area that is being complained about the most as getting warm, the lower left side when held in portrait mode is precisely where the A5X processor sits. The revved up new chip seems to be working overtime on apps that demand extra speed, like graphics-heavy 3-D games.

The new iPad also warms up faster when it is plugged in. I like to keep my device plugged in whenever possible, but lately I find myself unplugging it because, not only does the back of my tablet heat up, but the wall adapter feels like it has been sitting in direct sunlight in the middle of August in Palm Springs.

A few new iPad owners have reported that excessive heat, especially when using it on a sunny day in March, has caused the annoying “overheating” warning on their tablet.

Users are complaining about their iPad being “uncomfortably warm.” However, I think the real issue is fear that this unusual increase in temperature might have an adverse effect. The heat is not likely to cause damage to the new iPad, nor your sensitive skin. Apple’s tablet operates between 32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit (0 to 35 degrees Celsius) and will automatically go into cool down mode if it reaches temperatures above or below.

Apparently, different iPad owners are experiencing a varying level of heat. While mine warms up enough to make my palms sweat, I couldn’t even call it “uncomfortably warm.” However, Padgadget founders dag and Bill noticed that their iPad felt “pretty warm” when using CPU/GPU-demanding apps, such as 3D games.

One surefire way to combat the uncomfortable warmness is with a back cover or case. Sitting in my ClamCase, I couldn’t feel the heat at all because the iPad doesn’t touch any part of me. Based on the level of heat that emanates from the device, a simple back cover will ease any comfort issues you may have.

Have you noticed that your new iPad warms up more than previous models? How hot does it get (on a scale of one to 10)? Have you experienced the dreaded cool down mode that is used to keep the iPad from being damaged by overheating? Let us know how your tablet is doing and what you were doing when it got too hot to handle.

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  • lrd555

    OMG! Spreading FUD are we? Have my iPad for three days now. Watched an hour and a half YouTube movie with barely an increase in temperature. More bogus crap.

  • Nyconsult410

    I have run my iPad from the crack of this morning till the present time, 11:30PM… basically nonstop… Not only am I getting excellent battery life, but I haven’t had any problems or issues with my iPad getting warm, let alone hot!!! So I have to agree with Ird555, more whining bogus crap!

  • Mye V. Moreno

    Yes, I am experiencing Overheating with my new iPad ! And it easily gets low batt. Any solutions about this I just purchased this in November of 2012 , is this still under warranty?

    • Lory Gil

      Mye, You are probably using an app or game that is taking a lot of power from your iPad. Did you recently download a new game or app? If so, that may be the culprit. Try closing all of your apps in multitasking and see if that helps.

  • Ðąmňęď Şkj

    I have my ipad for around 3 weeks now so far but since the day I bought it and its been heating up pretty quick at first I thought it was the ipad cover that I had since it was pretty thick but as I took it out and started using it without the cover it still was heating up as well and today the battery runs out pretty quick in an hour or three under constant use am I a fool for not returning it the day I got it.?

    Same thing with the charger ! It heats up while charging ,

    Ps. My batter meter dropped from 8% to 5% as I’m writing this .

    Oh and my ipad is still a new ipad 4

    • Lory Gil

      Have you closed apps that might be running in the background? Double-tap the Home button and touch and hold the apps in the multitasking bar until they jiggle. Then, close those apps by tapping the red icon with a minus (-) icon. That might be what is causing the drain. If that doesn’t work, take your iPad to an Apple genius. You shouldn’t be losing that much battery power.

  • Rose Lozano

    I have had my iPad with retina a little over a year & other day got real hot then the overheating message came on & shut down my iPad. I keep other apps closed checking regularly. I had the advanced warfare app open when it happened. Now it gets hot all the time & charges extremely slow.