TVE Suing Apple for the Way it Uses Digital Video in iTunes, iOS

At Apple’s March 7th event where the third generation iPad was announced, it also revealed the new Apple TV, and all new iCloud capabilities, including the ability to stream video from iTunes over iCloud, making available content accessible on all Apple devices.

As a result, TVE (Trans Video Electronics) has filed a lawsuit against Apple in the District Court of Columbia, accusing the Cupertino-based company of violating two patents related to the way that Apple distributes digital video in iTunes.

Patent number US 5,991,801 and US 5,594,936 were awarded to TVE in 1993, and cover a “global video news distribution system,” and on demand video service. The lawsuit targets the iTunes Store, the Apple TV, the iPad, the iPhone, and the iPod Touch, and says that each one is in violation of both patents.

TVE wants triple compensation for “irreparable” harm (aka piles of money) and it is also asking for an injunction that would prevent Apple from using the technology to provide content through iTunes.

[via TNW]

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  • rattyuk

    Question: Do the people who patented this actually still work for the company or is this another patent troll purchase and sue attack?

  • ChKen

    So, it was awarded in 1993, does that mean it expires in a year?