Get Out of The City and Rebuild The Farm With This Time Management Game – iPad App Review

Farm 2 HD is a time management game that will have you toiling the fields and milking the cows at the speed of light. There is no room for slacking off on this old farm. You’ve got to help a sick uncle regain his reputation as being the most efficient farmer in the area.

Players start with a carrot farm and a chicken farm and must grow enough crops and collect enough eggs to meet the level’s achievement to earn a certain amount of money within the time frame. Sometimes, farms are invaded by wild boars that must be captured or they will destroy crops and scare away livestock.

Once the goal has been achieved, players can use the money they’ve earned to buy more equipment or add farms. There are nine different farms to buy and each one has an additional product that can be produced with the raw materials. For example, the cow farm produces milk that can be sold at the market, but cheese can also be made out of the milk and sold for more money.


As farms and equipment are purchased, buyers will place orders. Depending on how many farms and what equipment each farm has, you could be filling orders for 18 different products. With each new achievement, players must balance more difficult tasks and get orders filled as fast as possible. Once an order is placed, there is a limited amount of time before the buyer decides he has waited too long and cancels, leaving you with 12 crates of eggs and no one to buy them.

This is a challenging time management game that will pull you in and keep you engaged for hours. Once you’ve purchased all of the farms and equipment, you’ll be racing against time to keep away the wild boars and fill as many orders as possible. The graphics are cute and the theme is fun. It is a great game for both children and adults.


What I liked: This is a well-designed game full of fun challenges. It doesn’t get boring. It seems like there is always something new to add to the farm, and once you’ve got it all, the challenge really takes off.

What I didn’t like: There are only 20 levels. This game is so fun that you’ll blaze through them pretty fast. Hopefully, they will add more levels in the future.

To buy or not to buy: This is a great game at a great price. If you like time management games, you will love Farm 2 HD.

  • App Name: Farm 2 HD
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Category: Business
  • Developer: PlayWay S.A.
  • Price: $1.99
  • Score:


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