European Carriers Irritated by Apple’s New iPad 4G Campaign

One of the major selling points of Apple’s newly released third generation iPad is its lightning fast 4G LTE connection speeds, a point that’s been widely advertised by the company.

In fact, it’s one of the top four features that Apple advertises on its website, but there’s a serious problem that’s got non-US carriers up in arms – that 4G connectivity is only available in the United States, through Verizon and AT&T, and in Canada through Bell, Rogers, and Telus, which is potentially confusing for customers.

Carriers outside of North America have been complaining to Apple for its misleading advertising. According to The Australian, carriers Telstra and Optus are planning on completely avoiding the term “4G,” so as to keep customers from being misled.

“We’re making it clear to our customers that new iPad does not run on 4G LTE networks in Australia,” said a Telstra spokesperson. European carriers are also upset, as there are several planned or operational LTE networks that were overlooked by Apple. Even as LTE networks become more common, the iPad still won’t work with them.

Reports from Europe suggest that telecoms companies have begun asking Apple to quit advertising that its new iPad can be used on 4G LTE networks, since that is only true in North America. There’s also been some hints that Apple could potentially be in hot water with the European Commission if the branding is deemed as misleading, aka false advertising.

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  • jonnyohio

    It’s not false advertising …it does work on 4g if available. Sounds like someone’s jealous?

    • Andre Queree

      4G is available in Australia – but it’s a different 4G frequency which the new iPad won’t work with. So: not really jealousy, but possibly false advertising.

    • Max World

      4G LTE is available in Europe as well. In Fact the world’s first publicly available LTE service was launched in Europe in 2009. Jealous anyone? The new ipad is just not upgraded to work at those European and Australian LTE frequencies. False advertisement that the European Commission will address if Apple does not.