Are iPad 2 Cases Compatible With the New iPad?

Once you’ve unboxed the third-generation iPad and played with it for a while, you’re going to discover that you have, almost, a parental instinct to protect your new gadget. Those of you who already own (or owned, depending on how fast you’ve traded yours in) the iPad 2 might be wondering whether your $200, or more, case will fit the new tablet. There is a lot of good news and some slightly less good news.

Since the new iPad is only .6 millimeters larger than the iPad 2, almost every second-generation case will fit. If your case is made out of leather, rubber, cloth or any other, even slightly pliable material, you have nothing to worry about.

However, there have been some reports floating around the Internet that the new iPad will have a tough time squeezing into ridged or hard cases. Specifically, back covers. The back covers are specially designed to snap onto the iPad. In order for them to remain in place, they have to fit exactly.

Veteran PadGadget writer Bill was able to fit his new iPad into his Joy Factory SmartFit2 back cover, but only barely. “While the case does fit on the new iPad, it is very snug and not as good a fit as on the iPad 2,” he said. “I think a new iPad-specific version would be better and I may actually upgrade the case in the coming weeks.”

That being said, just because you have a hard shell, doesn’t mean it won’t fit. I bought a ClamCase for my iPad 2 and one of the main reasons I thought about skipping the third-generation iPad was my fear that the miniscule increase in size would be enough to render my limited edition “Trooper” case obsolete.

My desire to own the new iPad overpowered my fear of having a useless case, so I bought it anyway. The first thing I did when I got home was to try to fit it into the ClamCase. It fits perfectly. You might even say it fits better.

All of the iPad’s buttons, speakers, cameras and ports are in the exact same place, and the .6-millimeter increase in width should only affect a small number of iPad 2 cases. Smart Covers, soft cases, and even some hard cases will deliver the same protection for your new iPad.

If you have discovered that your iPad 2 case does not fit with your new iPad, please leave a comment below and let us know what it is.

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  • Tim Salomon

    I think that the iPad 2 cases will fit the new iPad because their sizes
    are similar.

  • Arcadeez

    What about iPad 2’s Smart Cover?  Can fit?

    • Juli Clover

      Yes, the Smart Cover still fits. Apple didn’t actually update them – iPad 2 and iPad 3 Smart Covers are the same product. 

  • southflguy

    Incipio Feather Smart Cover rear case does not fit.

  • Henry Wong

    I have a TUMI cover on my iPad 2 it has a hard back cover and it will not fit my New iPad

  • Michael J. Proudfit

    MagSnap case from InCase for the iPad 2 does not fit the new iPad

  • Tumi for Me

    Above is the explanation for the wake/sleep not working due to magnet polarity. Fundamental my dear Watson!

  • Iheartbokeh

    I have the Targus Versavu, which is the rotating iPad cover, it doesn’t quite snap into place properly but I finally got it to attach. The extra size makes it not fit in the slots properly so it is always sliding out. It is super annoying.