Inside the New iPad: Small, Smart Changes

Yesterday’s popular teardown of the new iPad by iFixit was beautiful and painful, all at the same time. Such a perfect specimen being sliced open and gutted caused awe and horror. It also got tech-heads working on analyzing what was uncovered in the process. Yesterday, Anandtech did their own analysis of what iFixit showed us detailed pictures of.

According to reporter Lal Shimpi, most of the new iPad’s innards were as-to-be-expected, but admits that there were a few surprises. According to the report, Apple has, “moved away from a PoP (Package-on-Package) stac with the A5X SoC and now uses two discrete DRAM devices.”

Anandtech also discovered that Apple is using a metal heatspreader for the A5X processor chip and that the company may have made the shift from a wirebond package to flip-chip. “Moving to a flip-chip BGA package allows for better removal of heat (the active logic is closer to the heatsink), as well as enabling more IO pins/balls on the package itself,” reports Shimpi.

As the day goes on, more techies will be reporting on their own, first-hand analysis of the third-generation iPad, giving us an in-depth understanding of the magic that is housed in the guts of Apple’s new tablet.

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