New iPad Shipments Already Hitting 3rd Party Reseller Stores

iPad ShipmentsIt’s finally arriving! Having made it past the rumors stage to the point where we have a date (Friday, March 16) and a time (8:00AM), we are starting to see the boxes arriving at retail locations in time to be sold to anxious and expectant consumers.

Fortunate for those who missed out on pre-ordering and may not have an Apple Store within reach (or a reasonable drive), Apple has announced that the new third generation iPad will also be available at several retail locations such as Best Buy, Radio Shack, Sam’s Club, Target, Walmart, AT&T, and Verizon Stores.

So far there appears to be (nearly) enough third generation iPads to go around. Although the online Apple Store is sold out of pre-orders for the March 16 launch date, the newly updated delivery date is only scheduled for 3 days later on March 19. If you factor in those dates overlapping a weekend, that doesn’t represent much of a delay at all. Of course it is difficult to say just how many units each retailer will be receiving and what the local demands will be like, but so far so good.

The other Friday launch item from Apple, the new Apple TV is also starting to arrive at retail locations all ready for the release though if you try to order one of the units online you will be looking at a much longer wait (1-2 weeks so far). The nice thing about this swap (for those of you upgrading) is that it has been confirmed that the new device uses the same power cable as the previous model which means swapping in your new Apple TV will be as simple as a quick unplug/replug maneuver!

For those that pre-ordered the iPad or Apple TV, shipments are starting to arrive though technically they shouldn’t be delivered until Friday (some people are reporting that their Apple TV packages did arrive early however).

So the only question that’s left is where you will be going to pick up yours if you haven’t already ordered one?

[photo credit: Engadget]

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