MLB Ready to Take Advantage of iPad

MLBProfessional sports organizations have been slow to adopt and accept the iPad, but Major League Baseball (MLB) is ready to give it a full-on embrace. Up until now many players have used the devices as a method of killing time, staying entertained and keeping in touch with their friends and family while on the road during the 8-month season, but now more than ever with the release of the third generation iPad, baseball clubs have the opportunity to use the tablets as tools to improve their game.

Fans of the sport will already know this, but baseball is about precision. Diego Lopez, senior video coordinator for the Angels describes the need for reviewing game footage by saying:

“We talk about baseball being a game of inches – or in our case, frames. If you can detect somebody tipping a pitch or maybe doing something with their mechanics, there is an advantage.”

Upon request, Lopez will locate footage for players in specific scenarios that they want to avoid like a particular pitcher getting a batter out.

Cincinnati Reds’ manager Rob Coughlin finds the devices very valuable even noting that his club recently installed high-definition cameras at Great America Ballpark in an effort to gain a scouting edge. Coughlin is also excited to utilize the latest generation iPad with the higher-resolution displays, saying that:

“With the ‘3,’ now you’re going to be able to see the grip on the baseball, perhaps even the rotation of the baseball and be able to (better) break down mechanics.”

Sometimes the obvious statements still bear repeating, because as Coughlin says, “The clearer the picture, the clearer you can see [what the pitcher is trying to do].”

Unfortunately electronic devices are still banned in the dugouts, but there are still ample opportunities for players and coaches to utilize them off the field.

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