First Images Taken with New iPad Show Improved Quality

Vietnamese website Tinh te claims to have its hands on the new iPad. The lucky devils unboxed what appears to be the 4G model on Tuesday. Today, they uploaded what they are claiming are photos taken with the new iPad’s 5 megapixel back-facing camera.

The images, taken at a local café show that the new iPad’s camera, although not as good as an iPhone’s 8MP camera are markedly better than the iPad 2’s camera capabilities.

Taking pictures with an iPad seems ridiculous. Apple must have thought that no one would care how clear their images were because no one would use it to take pictures. They were wrong. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve seen tourists whip out their iPads to snap photos of giant sequoias or parents capturing their toddler’s ice-cream adventures with the 9.7-inch screen.

Now, iPad users can take photos without being irritated at how grainy and noisy the end result looks. With all of the photography apps that are made for the iPad, users will finally be able to proudly show off a snapshot of the dog chasing it’s tail.

We may not see a new trend in iPad-ography emerge any time soon, but at least we can use the camera for more than FaceTime.

I’ve included a picture taken today in my backyard to show the comparison between the iPad 2’s camera and the new iPad’s. You can see how the detail is much clearer with the third-generation model. With my iPad 2, it looks like I took the picture through a dirty window. Check out Tinh te’s website for more pictures.

iPad 2 Photo


New iPad Photo

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