Electronic Arts Plans to Update Games for New iPad

When Mass Effect: Infiltrator came out on March 6, the first thing I thought about while blasting Geth Troopers on Cerberus was how cool this game would look at 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution. Well, Electronic Arts just told MacWorld that it is already working on a Retina display update to the popular companion app. Oh, happy day.

According to MacWorld, Nick Earl, Senior Vice President of Global Mobile and Social Studios at Electronic Arts, said, “Apple is once again pushing the boundaries forward and as a developer and publisher, we thrive on that opportunity.”

The company is also planning on updating Real Racing 2, the game made popular for being one of the first to be mirrored with Apple TV. Imagine playing an iPad game with a pixel density that is higher than your HDTV.

EA is working on updating some of their “other games” as well. There is no information at this time as to which ones will get the Retina display love. Personally, I’d like to see Dead Space updated, as well as Battlefield: Bad Company and Shift 2. If the new iPad really is comparable with console gaming, then we may see some exciting releases iOS releases in the future. I wonder if Blizzard will finally offer more than just an armory app for World of Warcraft?

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  • Esosa55

    WOW if you can play WOW on the IPAD IM definitely going back. HA!